4 Amazing Vape Tricks That Are Easy For Beginners

Vape tricks are an essential component of the vaping experience for several users out there. Learning and mastering the many tricks can be a fun way of enjoying the burst of flavors oozing from the vape juice. Don`t forget these tricks will leave your friends in complete awe of their mystical forms. If you are a new vaper trying some exciting vape tricks, here are four simple, beginner-level choices to consider. 

Choose The Right Liquids

Before we explore how to perform fantastic vape tricks, let us discuss the prerequisites for the process. First, you will need a proper vape device, preferably one that can give out dense clouds of flavor brimming vapors to make the tricks more prominent and visible.

Second, and the most critical requirement for vape tricks is using VG heavy vape juice. VG or vegetable glycerin is a critical base ingredient for vape juices that adds density to the liquid. It also influences the quality of vapors that come out. So choose e-liquids that have a dominant ratio of VG compared to PG while shopping. You can explore smok vape replacement coils or products by other reputed brands for this purpose. 


1. O-Rings

The O-rings are a classy old vape trick that can never go out of style. There are several variations and improvisations to the trick that vapers have come up with over the years. You can start with a simple O-ring and slowly master your way to the complex styles such as the double and triple O`s. These rings will leave your audience completely blown away. 

The Single O 

  1. Take a deep, long drag from your vape mod and keep the vapors in the throat. 
  2. Make sure to keep your tongue close to the back of your throat at the bottom of the mouth. 
  3. Press your lips to create an O-shape. Now quickly pulsate the vapors from the back of your throat through the O to allow the vapors to come out elegantly in the same shape. 


The Double And Triple Os 

  1. Take a deep drag from your mod and let it stay at the back of your throat. 
  2. Create an O-shape with your lips and place your finger in the middle. 
  3. Slowly exhale the vapors to split the ring and create double O`s. You can use the same method to try triple O`s as well. 

Tip: Tap on the sides of your throat using a finger from the other hand while exhaling. It will create gorgeous O-rings that will brim the entire room.


2. The Waterfall

The waterfall is a slightly different trick from the others discussed here. It requires an additional accessory – a bottle to create a fun water-flow effect with the vapors.  Although an easy trick to master, the waterfall looks quite impressive and completely magical. There are several different ways of performing the trick, and we will discuss a simple method now that is relatively easy to learn. 

The Waterfall 

  1. Remove the top portion of a bottle and fill it with some water. Freeze it for about an hour. 
  2. Take a nice, long drag from your mod and let it sit in your mouth for a moment. 
  3. Slowly blow the vapors into the bottle. 
  4. Now, invert and pour the vapors out of it on a flat surface to experience a mystical waterfall effect. 

Tip: You can skip the bottle and directly perform the trick on a flat surface as well. Simply let go of the drawn vapors naturally from your mouth while a few centimeters away from the surface, and you will see a mesmerizing waterfall. 


3. The Dragon

The dragon is honestly one of the coolest vape tricks that will leave your audience completely flabbergasted. All you need is a few rounds of practice, and you can create a beastly vapor cloud that makes you look like a scary fire dragon. 

The dragon requires you to exhale your cloud in four different parts that will create an amazing look. 

  1. Start by taking a long drag from the mod. Make sure to pull as much vapor as possible to make the trick look cool. But do not inhale the vapors. 
  2. Create two openings at the corners of your mouth while keeping the center of your lips closed.  
  3. Now, push the vapors from the back of your throat through your nostrils and the two openings created in your mouth simultaneously. 

Tip: Be quick while pushing the vapor through the openings, as applying force is key to achieving an amazing dragon-like feel. 


4. The Bull Ring

This last one is a slightly challenging choice for beginners. But once you get a grip of the tricks discussed above, you can learn this one in very little time. The Bull Ring is a fierce and intense look that becomes relatively easy as your master the simple O ring. 

The Bull Ring

  1. Create a medium-sized O with vapors using the steps mentioned in O-Rings. Make sure to exhale close to you. 
  2. Slightly lean into the vapors and inhale the top part of the O-ring through your nose. It will create a ring-like figure emerging from your nose that looks magnificent and breathtaking. 


These are some of the easiest vape tricks that even novice vapers can master in very little time. Be patient to get the hang of these tricks that will make you a hit among your friends.