Esport betting and Basic Tips

If you’ve spent a lot of time playing games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, Rocket League or Counter-Strike, you might think that you could easily make a killing in eSports or esports betting. However, when entering the esports betting market, you need to realise that the world’s best players are competing here, so you need much deeper knowledge and insight.

As the esports market grows year on year, it is only natural that the sport is becoming increasingly important in the betting market. And while it may not seem difficult to understand how eSports and its betting works, we have to disappoint you – it requires quite specific knowledge. In this guide, we will try to make your job easier and share some basic tips that will help you in esports betting.

Esport betting and Basic TipsChoose a familiar game

Just like in normal sports, in esports betting it is very important to understand what is happening on the field or in this case in the game. The esports betting market is vast, with shooters such as Fortnite and CS:GO, as well as a wide variety of other styles of games. It is important to understand that all online games target the esports market in one way or another the GGBet Casino do such thing. With such a wide range of games on offer, you need to choose a game that you know and understand well, so you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Follow your favourite esports teams

Knowing what your favourite esports teams are up to is very important, so make sure you make the most of social media. Following your favourite teams will help you know more details about the upcoming matches and possibly help you make the right esports betting decision.

Analyse individual players

Just like in real sports, in esports, the composition of teams changes and certain players may move to other teams. It is therefore very important to analyse individual players and to know what they can bring to one team or another. Sometimes one player can win a team a match in Counter-Strike or League of Legends, but sometimes players’ decisions can sink a team.

Follow your favourite esports teamsMake the most of live betting opportunities

Although most bettors place most of their bets before the match, it is essential to take advantage of the benefits of live betting. Esports is extremely dynamic, so having more information about the match once it has started will help you make better decisions.

Manage your bankroll

This tip is relevant for both regular and esports betting. You can’t allocate the full amount of your possible bets to a single bet. It is recommended that you always spread this amount out and allocate no more than around 5 per cent of your available betting budget per bet.

Use the bonus and reward systems of the betting companies

Betting companies offer various bonuses or bonuses to new or very loyal customers. These can include free bets, no-lose bets and so on. These can allow you to increase your betting budget without any additional costs. We recommend that you always check what bonuses or bonuses a particular betting company offers. However, it is very important to check the rules before accepting a bonus, as you may have trouble cashing in your winnings later.

Avoid herding instinct

Sometimes it can seem like the whole world is betting on one team to win, and then you might think that you just have to do the same. However, it is very important to keep a cool head and not be emotional when betting. Therefore, even if everyone is betting on a certain team to win, but you have serious doubts about it, it is better to just skip that event and pick another.

Choose the best odds

If you have already decided to take part in esports betting, make sure you have accounts with at least a few betting companies. It’s no secret that the odds vary between betting companies, so this gives you an advantage and allows you to choose the best odds for each event, increasing your potential winnings.