How to Travel Across Europe with your Vape

Travelling is all about planning the dos and don’ts of carrying items in the luggage. If you are
reading this article, you are probably planning a trip.

Homesickness is a part of traveling and little things can be your way to comfort. In this regard,
your favorite vape and flavor can be one way to satisfy your homesick mind. If you want to travel
with your vape gear, this will be your travel guide and address your primary concerns regarding
the transportation of your vaping devices during your trip. If you are planning a trip across
Europe, you should know Transportation Security Administration regulations in Europe are
similar to the rest of the world. Vapes, e-cigarettes, and other smoking devices can be carried
by abiding by specific laws.

Packing an e-Cigarette:

E-Cigarettes or vaping devices are powered by batteries and are rechargeable. The
rechargeable batteries are generally made of Lithium and can not be placed in checked
luggage. Lithium batteries are dangerous and are at risk of exploding in the cargo of planes, so
they are packed in hand luggage. However, if your device only has a removable battery, then
the device can be placed in the luggage and carry the battery in your hand bag.
Along with the device itself, the flavor is also packed with care. It is liquid and adds to the certain
liquid carrying amount allowed by airlines. So a 100ml flavor should be carried ideally so that it
doesn’t restrict other liquid amounts. Another easy alternative to it to take diposable e-cigarettes
. Disposable e-cigarettes save great hustle on trips as there are less security complications and
battery issues. They don’t need to get refilled with liquid flavors, so it is easier to carry them

Buying a vape abroad:

Vapes, vaping flavors and batteries are available around the world. However, age restriction
rules are to be followed for the purchase. So, if you are traveling in Europe, you can buy your
flavors to avoid carrying large amounts of them in your luggage. If you want to enjoy different
local flavors, you can purchase disposable vapes and cigarettes and try them as well.
To make your experience even smoother, you can leave your coils back home and get new
ones according to your devices from your destinations.

Vaping on a plane or airport:

Vaping is categorized under the rules of smoking laws. It is strictly forbidden on planes around
the globe, and in most of Europe, it is not even allowed in airports. So to avoid any trouble,
check with your airline if they allow carrying vaping devices and plan accordingly. And if you are

allowed to carry, do not even try to vape secretly in the washroom as there are highly sensitive
alarms set by airlines and, as a consequence, you can face heavy fines up to £600 or more. In
the worst-case scenario, you could be banned from the airline for life.

Vaping Etiquette:

Vaping is still uncommon and clouds of coils surrounding you in a marketplace or outside a cafe
can be an odd concept, even in some areas of Europe. So, if you plan on vaping in public, be
considerate and act like a humble guest in your homeland. While vaping follows the cues of
cultural acceptance of it and then smoke.

So, if you are planning a trip, you can carry around your vape easily just by following the above-
mentioned guidelines. Moreover, do check the rules of the countries and airlines you are
traveling in. Take little precautions with all regulations and enjoy vaping if you get away.