What are CBD bath bombs, and why should you try them?

thc bath bombsCannabidiol is a compound that is found in cannabis plants and can be obtained as CBD oil. To obtain CBD oil, you need to dilute CBD with a carrier oil. Several products contain both CBD oil and cannabidiol oil, which may provide some extra benefits for the skin. These ingredients are combined with others to create products like bath bombs and bath salts. A relaxing bathing experience can be enjoyed by using bath bombs and bath salts. 

The bath bombs are available from many reputable manufacturers so that you can relax on a Sunday afternoon and start your week with a positive vibe. For instance, you can find Sunday Scaries. You can easily order Sunday Scaries CBD bath bombs from their websites and take advantage of your day off.

No matter how much you dislike taking a bath, there’s no denying that sinking into a luxurious tub of warm bubbles is a wonderful way to calm down and unwind. Those who enjoy bath time will be interested in a new trend in the CBD industry. A CBD bath bomb is the hottest new „hygiene hype” of the moment. CBD bath bombs are known for their relaxing and beneficial properties. CBD bath bombs are also incredibly aromatherapeutic.

How exactly does a CBD bath bomb work? Are they worth your money? Is the CBD bath bomb just another fad that will fall out of favor within a month? Learn about this trendy new CBD product in this article!


Are CBD Bath Bombs psychoactive?

Let’s start by clearing up some misconceptions about CBD – especially for those who love bath bombs but have no idea what CBD is about! CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the two most well-known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. In contrast to THC, CBD is non-intoxicating; it does not create the famous high associated with smoking weed.

Unlike THC, CBD is legal in the United States and has become incredibly sought after as a potent remedy for various ailments.


In what ways can CBD benefit us?

The effects of CBD on our bodies have been studied in recent years, including its ability to ease inflammation and pain. CBD has excellent potential to treat inflammation, protect the brain, and reduce anxiety. Oh, and the best part? CBD does not have any unpleasant side effects, which is a great advantage for patients who are used to pharmaceuticals that often have an extensive list of risks associated! 

As soon as CBD is consumed, the cannabinoid is converted to endocannabinoids by our body, also called our endocannabinoid system. As a result of regulating various vital bodily functions, such as temperature, appetite, and even pain perception, the ECS works to keep us healthy.

The ECS can control a virus by releasing natural cannabinoids, and CBD can encourage cannabinoid production by working alongside the ECS. It has the potential to help with a range of health issues.


What exactly is a CBD bath bomb?

CBD bath bombs are familiar to most of us. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, just think of a small ball that dissolves in your bathwater. You will experience an explosion of suds and color, and it will leave your bathroom smelling delicious. The process is that simple. 

Bath bombs are available for just about anything these days, including back pain, sleeplessness, sensitive skin, oily skin, and acne. Almost every ailment can be treated with a bath bomb!

The most popular CBD product is CBD oil, but CBD is available in a variety of forms. Furthermore, CBD products can be found in capsules, vape oils, and even topical CBD products. Many people prefer topicals for CBD oils, which work fast and have benefits for the entire body. For instance, they can be applied to specific parts of the body. Topical treatment can provide relief from aching muscles, improve skin health, and reduce inflammation.

CBD bath bombs could be viewed as the new topical, in a sense. By infusing essential oils, these topicals offer a host of supplemental benefits. In contrast to other CBD products, bath bombs aren’t inexpensive. So is it worthwhile to purchase a CBD bath bomb? Is it any different from having a regular bubble bath? Let’s find out!


How can CBD Bath Bombs benefit you?

In addition to the physical benefits of a nice soak, there are also psychological ones. The benefits of taking some time out of your hectic schedule to soak in a bath are not only about taking a break from your daily routine but also (most likely) about benefiting from the essential oils in most bath products.

The benefits of taking a hot bath were examined in 2017 by researchers at Loughborough University compared to the health benefits associated with exercising. Study participants included fourteen men, half of whom trained on bikes for an hour, and the other took a hot bath for an hour.

After the trial ended, the researchers compared the calories burned among the two groups as well as blood glucose levels for 24 hours afterward and achieved the following results:

  • The people who cycled burned more calories than those who took a bath (although those who bathed burned the equivalent of a 30-minute walk!).
  • In the study, the peak blood sugar levels were 10% lower in the group who had bathed than in the group who had cycled.
  • It was surprising to see that the study examined changes in inflammation similar to those seen after exercise. These findings suggest that passive heat could help reduce chronic inflammation.

Final thoughts

Although this may not be the most scientific CBD product on the market, we can appreciate it nonetheless. Using CBD bath salts provides the same tingly, relaxing, and unwinding effects as soaking in a bathtub, but for a fraction of the price.

Aside from moisturizing the skin and reducing pimples, CBD bath bombs and salts can help to relax you. Bath bombs and salts containing CBD are available on the market. Each of them contains a different amount and type of CBD, essential oils, and fragrances.

Considering these factors can help someone decide which bath bombs and bath salts are best suited to their needs.